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Provide customers with a one-stop solution for fully biodegradable packaging products

The main products are: fully biodegradable shopping bags, fully biodegradable garbage bags, PVA water soluble film, PVA water soluble bag, PVA water soluble marble release film, PVA water soluble embroidery film, PE hanging bag, PE flat bag, PE plastic bag, etc.
Widely used in industry, medicine, cosmetics, food, electronics, tableware, kitchenware, household goods, toys, gardening and other fields


Fully biodegradable shopping bag
Fully biodegradable shopping b..
Fully biodegradable garbage bag
Fully biodegradable garbage ba..
PVA water soluble film
PVA water soluble film
PVA water soluble bag
PVA water soluble bag
PVA water soluble marble stripping
PVA water soluble marble strip..
PVA water soluble embroidery film
PVA water soluble embroidery f..
PE flat pocket
PE flat pocket
Fully degradable pet feces bag
Fully degradable pet feces bag

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